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Planning red boiler out of the discrete uniform

10 years as a discrete manufacturing enterprise, red boiler from two computers, a simple CAD design started to become 16 in the financial, material and information flow all the unity of the group enterprise. Even have to make the management of change, both good protection of the interests of all employees so that everyone to maximize their effect. This is the power of information technology.
April 18, 2003, a drizzle of the morning, a pedestrian in Heilongjiang Province, we Manufacturing Information Group, led by deputy head Guo Yusen, came to the outskirts of Harbin, located in Harbin Boiler Group, red. Along the way, Guo Yusen such a recommendation to us: "red boiler is Discrete Manufacturing in Northeast typical enterprise information. "We received a red boiler Information Office Director Yang Zhi.

CAD design of a trigger

Red boiler plant group in 1954, after nearly 50 years of development, from a business development into a township and red by the Harbin Boiler Factory, Harbin heat exchanger plant, water supply equipment manufacturer Harbin, Harbin Boiler Auxiliary Manufacturing plant boiler red Hang new limited liability company, red cast iron boiler plant and other 16 subsidiaries (branch), an expert manufacturing B level Boilers and 鈪? 鈪?pressure vessel of the state designated key enterprises, is a typical discrete manufacturing companies.
Speaking of red boiler information, the earliest dating back to 1993. At that time, red boiler plant for the implementation of office automation bought two computers. But the factory will be very few people use the computer. Most of the time, bought the two platforms million "baby" are in the idle state. Occasionally, only to play typing it.
By this time, a factory near the students first entered, but these two had a great interest in the baby, and try to carry out CAD in computer graphic design, the layout plan of the factory in the past entered into the computer. The beginning, many people did not understand. Not wanted, it is precisely the red light the boiler for the first time students to recognize the power of information technology.
Red boiler information system, including sales management, resource management, treasury management, financial management, design management, production management and quality management the most. Production management system as a whole will be at the core, to sales management, financial management, design management, quality management support, integration of all aspects of treasury and corporate resources, and build a complete and unified information management system, a fundamental change in the original manual management, decentralized management model.
Time, sales and customers to negotiate business in the process, some of the customer for the product to function and appearance of the modifications, the design department and ask to surrender within five days of the revised design. This is what could be the design department stumped. Design was used in all hand drawn. Modify the drawing is actually re-painting, at least 15 six days. Five days, that is, do not eat, drink, do not sleep are not finish.
Seeing that the hand would fly list, but did not expect students who take the initiative to undertake this task next. The face of it with suspicion, quite unashamedly students: use CAD to modify a few hours to complete, where five days with the won?
Took time out of design. Order to keep up, stir up and down the whole factory. I have never thought could be so much helpful boxy computer. In the case of money not well-off, red boiler determined it into several computers, all added to the design department. Meanwhile, the gradual implementation of CAD in the design department design.
After several years of development, red boiler Group has purchased 70 sets of various types of computer, and initially established a platform for enterprise LAN. The same time, computer-aided management of the Group's financial management and use of UF's financial management software application to obtain a better result.

Situation, urging them change

However, with the company's continuous development and ongoing in-depth information, red boiler is beginning to feel, even though the departments are gradually networking system, but the exchange of information between various departments and sharing of poor, isolated form of information one by one Island, the further development of the enterprise has created a significant obstacle.
Red Group is a typical discrete boiler manufacturing enterprise, there is no business of production bottlenecks, the main bottlenecks are created in the design aspect of products by the market and customer needs of large, most of the need for personalized design and custom, therefore, can not be produced in advance. On the other hand, the market supply of the product cycle requires more and more to the production also brings a lot of pressure.
Currently, the domestic boiler manufacturers about thousands. These enterprises can be divided into three categories: the first is to provide large-scale production of boiler power plant boiler manufacturers, such enterprises are producing pressure vessels over 200 tons of boiler; second is the small industrial boiler manufacturers, Such production of boiler and pressure vessel usually 60 tons; the third category is less than 4 tons of small boilers. At present, the vast majority of boiler industry markets are concentrated in the second category, the manufacturers are mostly concentrated in this area. According to statistics, there are only a city like Harbin Boiler Works dozens. The red light on the body in which the boiler.
The face of peer pressure of competition and customer demand continues to increase, can further improve efficiency, reduce costs has become a red boiler next key to development. To this end, the leadership of red boiler Group decided to further enhance the level of corporate information to enterprise management to a new level again.

Expert support program introduced

After some investigation, red boiler with UF's final decision UFIDA ERP-U8 software. However, in the project into the investigation stage, UF to implement the consultants found that ERP software alone is difficult to cover all aspects of business management in the end it may be difficult to achieve the desired results. Responsible manner for the user, who has specially invited ten years experience in information technology Guo Yusen, as the red light UFIDA ERP-U8 project implementation supervision, for the red light of information to guide the boiler.
The current internal management of the red boiler model and information base for analysis, Guo Yusen that red light the boiler in the financial and product design already have some basic information, but each branch has its own financial management of a sets of accounts, it is difficult for a unified management; the CAD design is merely two-dimensional graphics, for the boiler that shape and structure complex products, such as graphics no longer enough; In addition, the red boiler in sales management, equipment , human resources, energy management, etc. based on poor information. To solve the need for overall planning, development of a practical, suitable for the characteristics of discrete manufacturing enterprises, multi-technology integration of the overall solution.
Experts have been red boiler in the mountains and Zhi Yang Xu, general manager, and Harbin UF's full support. And quickly set up to Guo Yusen as general counsel, and Xu in the mountains and general manager of Harbin UF project committee headed by Zhi-Yong Liu. UF also appointed Zhi Yang and Song Jian, manager of the company implementing the project and others as the overall coordination of the joint formation of a red boiler project team information.

The joint efforts of the project team members, a complete typical discrete multi-technology integrated manufacturing information system releases the functional structure diagram. Production management system as a whole will be at the core, to sales management, financial management, design management, quality management support, integration of all aspects of treasury and corporate resources, and build a complete and unified information management system, a fundamental change in the original manual management, decentralized management model.

UF set up the soft singing

As the project is a huge one, taking into account the implementation of the security and business capital investment is reasonable, Guo Yusen in the program initially proposed the "overall planning, step by step" project implementation. The first phase will focus on implementation of the UF ERP - U8 in some of the functions, which include systems management, EAI, quotation management, sales orders, shipping management, sales analysis, inventory management, purchasing management, equipment management (development) energy management (development), human resource management (development), and finance accounts receivable, accounts payable, accounting interface, cost accounting, material accounting, general ledger and other functions.
In addition, taking into account the actual situation of the design department, Guo Yusen also suggested UFIDA ERP-U8 software platform with other software companies to be on the CAD three-dimensional design from two-dimensional design to upgrade.
After some investigation, negotiation, Wuhan open project's CAD, CAPP, EDM (engineering data management software) and Beihang Haier 3D solid modeling design software, the system has been incorporated into the project construction. To form a UF ERP-U8 system-based, integration of three software products for the application of a new cooperative service model.

Information and shareholding system reform both

Just then, another red boiler is faced with the major changes in corporate governance - joint-stock reform. What first? And which later? Which is more important? What light? Xu faced with choices in the mountains. After repeated demonstration, Xu made two bold in the mountains of work in parallel, two-pronged decision. From the later results, this step not only on the right track, and, in the shareholding system reform process, new information systems also play a very important role.
Joint-stock reform, many older workers are faced with new choices, how to make proper arrangements for the dedication of a lifetime for the red hero who, at the same time be able to continue to breathe fresh blood into the most vexing business leaders do. Information did not expect to solve this problem.
In the joint-stock reform process, the statisticians of information is a very important job. Decades-old plants, nearly a thousand employees, according to the traditional methods of operation and accurate statistics in a short time out at once, with considerable difficulty. Through information technology not only increases efficiency, reduces duplication, but also to greatly improve accuracy. Meanwhile, joint-stock reform, but also for the further deepening of enterprise information foundation.
In addition, the information also for the business plan, sales, warehouse management, financial management and a series of jobs led to significant results.

90 tons of boiler orders

All along, the red light produced by the boiler boiler group is concentrated in between 10 tons to 65 tons, of which the most commonly used is 20 tons. For more than 60 tons of boiler, because of its design, production is relatively complex and often difficult to set foot in the red. But in a recent tender exercise, red boiler design department uses the latest 3D CAD software to design the product, not only quickly come up with a product design, but also free to change the angle by three-dimensional graphics, effectively solved boiler spare parts are often encountered in the design of multi-level, multi-angle caused by the difficult problem of graphics performance. This not only improves the design accuracy and success rate, but also enable customers to more intuitively understand what they need.
In the three-dimensional design software before, a lot of designers the role of three-dimensional graphic design does not understand. They think that, with his years of experience and the help of two-dimensional CAD software, it enough to complete the design. At first, three-dimensional graphics designers complete a design of each must earnestly pray that others will be two-dimensional graphics and 3D graphics control.
After several rounds of control, people began to think that three-dimensional graphic design Dique high accuracy in non-planar port junction, it can very accurately determine its size and connection status. Particularly through the three-dimensional graphic design won the first 90 tons of boiler factory orders, people began to take the initiative to find a 3D graphics designer, will own two-dimensional graphics and three-dimensional graphics mutatis mutandis, to confirm the accuracy of design.
Yang Zhi said, not without emotion: now with 3D graphic design, we have confidence in the 200-ton to 60 areas of impact of the boiler. At present, the level of the boiler is also basically a blank, if the first to occupy this market, then certainly for the future development of enterprises of great significance.

Virtual Financial Shoulong

8 large accounts
Red light under the jurisdiction of the Harbin Boiler Group 16 subsidiaries. As business needs, these subsidiaries have their own financial and statistical down there alone account for the larger 8, the account information exchange and sharing between the existence of bottlenecks, which to bring about the unified management of Group Finance great obstacles.
To solve this problem, the project team in the UF ERP-U8 software platform for the red group has set up a unified virtual financial accounts. In this unified financial account, customized for their fixed assets, salary management, report management, cost management, bills of cash, accounts receivable management, deal management, cost accounting and other functional modules. Through virtual accounts to all branches of the eight accounts into the financial management among the group. The same time, so in actual operations can be relatively independent.

Treasury changed to send receive

Treasury management has always been red boiler "persistent" problem. Because a lot of red boiler subordinate branch, every company has established its own warehouse, each warehouse, though small, is fully-equipped. Over time, the number of inventory backlog becomes very large, repeat purchases are common occurrences. Raw materials, finished goods inventory not only takes up working capital, but also seriously affect production costs.
Warehouse management is also increasing. As has long been lacking for the classification of goods management, enterprise storage monthly number of items in inventory and accounts are often inconsistent with, more importantly, slow inventory turnover, many belonging to the backlog of items.
Implementation of the UF ERP-U8 software system after all branches of the Treasury to conduct a comprehensive review, rectify. Inventory items were classified and sorted, and focus to the Factory, established a unified Treasury. Orderly management of the warehouse, goods display order is reasonable, a significant reduction in the total business inventories.
At the same time, the Group Treasury officials also made corresponding adjustments, posts and be responsible. Material Purchasing at the same time also made a change, from the original material to the warehouse led into a dedicated staff feeding posts. After the extra warehouse staff reorganization, the formation of a dedicated distribution group, according to the leading station program material is responsible for daily feeding door. In this way to not only solve the problem the fate of these employees, but also greatly increased the staff of various units, to enable them to enjoy the corresponding service.

Fruit of information

Information technology to bring the results of red boiler not stop there. According to Yang Zhi introduction of information technology staff also raised awareness of modern management. Er Ju, because information can be shared, can be achieved marketing, production planning, purchasing, quality management Dengbu Men coordination, reduce the friction between the departments, Tigao the Qiye on the market-responsiveness. Also, because the historical cost prices and more procurement management, corporate procurement costs a lot.
Use of computer management, the government departments of the report can be completed at the end. More importantly, companies can require the formation of statements, as required at any time, in time for the corporate decision-makers to provide scientific basis for decision making.
In addition, strong data collection and analysis capabilities, so that senior leaders from the original, fragmented data management access to valuable data. After the implementation of ERP, enterprise managers to control and master the ability to significantly enhance the enterprises clear about the specific operating conditions. For example you can keep abreast of program implementation, production schedule, marketing, inventory, procurement and progress. Therefore, top managers in the integration of enterprise resource mobilization process, an idea to improve the decision-making level.
On the next program, Yang Zhi said: "At present, production management and quality management information has not been achieved. Next we will work together with the Harbin UF to continue to complete the UF ERP-U8 software and other features, such as production and sales scheduling, requirements planning, rough capacity planning, bill of materials, production orders, outsourcing management, plant management, quality management, capacity management. Also, according to experts, we will again offer the last set of simulation system, which is to increase the sales price calculation capabilities to better respond to future market competition. "


Red boiler Group is a typical discrete manufacturing, can be said that its information can be seen as a successful example of discrete manufacturing industries to promote. I think the red boiler information There are several noteworthy reference:
First, the enterprise information system project is a long-term, especially for those old traditional manufacturing management is more than can be achieved overnight. Therefore, in the beginning of the implementation of information technology, must be the overall program planning. In the development of the program planning process to recruit the best experts in information technology; with their experience and knowledge to good direction for the program. Red boiler Information Group has been able to in such a short period of time, they made so many remarkable results, precisely because they are experts in the overall planning and guidance, can be targeted to work.
Moreover, the information construction, not only do local do not whole, so difficult to achieve the desired results. Of course, in practice can be used, "the overall planning, step by step" approach, gradually come to realize.
In addition, the implementation of information technology software vendors in the selection of the best technology to select those products overall, implementation experience, strong ability to develop and service reputation of good companies. This enterprise information construction and future escalation is an important protection.
Finally, select the service provider does not have to hang a tree, you can use flexible forms of cooperation and service model, as used in this case, the tripartite joint UF way, is a good model.


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